Fishing or Boat Experiences
Paul Petty (242) 557-7269 or (242) 332-2963
Harbour Water Adventures
 Open daily 7AM – 9PM. Jet ski, paddleboard, kayak, snorkel gear & Body board rentals. Free delivery & pick-up in Governors Harbour. Operates from Buccaneer Club Restaurant.
Ph: (242) 470-5255 or (242) 429-1775
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
Opens daily 9AM – 5PM. This 25-acre sanctuary, created jointly by the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) and the Leon Levy Foundation is the first National Park on Eleuthera, and is said to be the first of its kind in the region. The preserve celebrates the plants of The Bahamas, protects the woodland coppice, mangrove forest, and wetlands, and has the goal of conserving indigenous species. It promotes education, conservation, preservation and research. The Leon Levy Preserve is located on Banks Road, just 2 miles from Governors Harbour.
Ph: (242) 332-3831
Haynes Library
Open Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM & Saturday, 10AM – 4PM. Located in the pink building with the blue roof in the center of Governors Harbour. Built in 1897, Hayes Library is one Eleuthera’s finer historical landmarks. Saved from being torn down and then being refurbished in the 90’s, this quaint library has become a popular attraction. The exterior color and finishes are quintessential Bahamian décor. Community coffee mornings are held on Tuesdays at 10:30AM. A great place to discover holiday reading material!
Eleuthera Fishing Charters
Captain Jeremy Lewis. Based in James Cistern, the settlement to the north of Governors Harbour. Daily fishing charters and boat rentals, as well as fish bait for sale. Email: jeremybiglewis@yahoo.com or go to www.eleutherafishingcharters.com/about
Ph: (242) 422-9055 or (242) 471-1763
True Blue Charters
Pick up at Gene’s Bay, North Eleuthera. Eleuthera Tours: All types of fishing,
snorkeling, wreck dives, beach combing, cliff jumping, waters sports, etc. Also visit and
feed the swimming pigs. Captain Todd and Cassandra Pinder.
Ph: (242) 470-8241 or (242) 551-3672
Taxis are usually expensive so car rentals are recommended for getting around the island. Just remember to drive on the left side of the road!
Julbert Cadet
+1(242) 470-2578 or Email: julbert.cadet@hotmail.com
(Ford Explorers) 
Butch Johnson
+1 (242) 470-8531 Email: butch@coralwave.com
(2015 Cadillac Escalade, GMC Terrains, Ford Explorers)
Stanton Cooper
(Taxi & Car Rentals): +1(242) 553-6439; +1(242)359-7007
(2017 Jeep Cherokee, 2017 Ford Flex, 2016 Buick Encore)
The best places to change money are usually banks – they have better exchange rates. Otherwise, you  can go to a local Exchange booth, generally open from 9.00 am to 8pm every day except on Sundays. You  must take your passport with you in order to change money.  
There are also at least two ATMs in Governor’s Harbour so it’s easy to get cash. Amex cards are widely  accepted although not universally. The most widely accepted card is Visa or MasterCard. US dollar and  Bahamas dollar are both accepted and have the same exchange rate. Cash is preferred for some retailers  and local excursions. 

U.S. and Canadian cell phones work on the island. Reception is quite good. You cell phone carrier will probably charge you international roaming charges, check with your carrier.

The outlets in Eleuthera are the same as in the US and Canada.

There are several grocery options available for convenience needs, or if you’d like to pick something up for a quick snack or meal preparation. See the below list from closest to the house to furthest.
Bacchus Fine Foods
Open daily from 8AM – 4PM, except Thursdays. Bacchus is an organic and gourmet market and café. There are lots of specialty items, quality cold cuts and cheeses, as well as a fine market wine selection. Located at the top of the hill in Governors Harbour, leading onto Banks Road. Look for the native stone wall with an A-frame sign.
Ph: (242)470-6563
Eleuthera Supply
Open Monday – Thursday, 6AM – 6:30PM, Friday 6AM – 7PM, Saturday 6AM – 7:30PM, Sunday 6AM – 4PM. They have more general grocery items and local goods. Located on Queens Hwy, attached to the Shell gas station.
Ph: (242) 332-2728
Burrows One Stop Grocery Store
Open Monday – Friday, 6AM – 6PM, Saturday 6AM – 7PM, Sunday 6AM – 10AM. Located on Queens Hwy, south of Eleuthera Supply. The Burrows Liquor Store is next door.
Ph: (242)332-2929
Governors Harbour Bakery
Open Monday – Friday, 7AM – 4PM, closed Saturday & Sunday. Serves breakfast meals, lunch snacks, pastries, baked daily bread, sandwiches and cold drinks. Located on Tucker Lane, off of Queens Highway.
Ph: (242)332-2071
The Island Farm
Open Monday – Saturday, 9AM – 4PM. Located just over ½ mile South of the Palmetto Point Crossroads, on the right side of Queens Hwy. Terrific Source for fresh salad greens, herbs, homemade pesto, sauces, jams & marinades. Fresh Bread and pastries available on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Ph: (242) 332-0141
The Market Place
Open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8AM – 5PM, Wednesday 8AM – 2PM, Friday and Saturday 8AM – 7PM. This is located on the south end of the Island, off Queens Hwy in Rock Sound. It is a proper sized grocery store that is well stocked. This is where we will place guests grocery orders prior to arrival. You can also place online orders at www.eleuthera-concierge.com.
Ph: (242) 334-2254.
Esso Highway Service Station
Open Monday – Thursday, 8AM – 6PM. Friday & Saturday, 8AM – 7PM, and Sunday, 8AM – 10AM. Located on Queens Hwy in Governors Harbour, about a quarter mile south of Eleuthera Supply. It will be on the right-hand side just after passing through the main section of town. They even carry a great selection of gourmet chocolates, crackers, chips and sweets.
Ph: (242) 223-2077
**Fresh fish is available to purchase (cash only) from local fisherman. The availability is all based on what they catch and when. But, when they are there, it is located at the small boat ramp located on Bay Street, a few blocks east of the Anchor Bay Fish Fry. They are typically there mid to late afternoon. They have local fish, conch and lobster (seasonal).

It is safe to drink the tap water from any sink on the property. We went to great lengths to provide this luxury to our gusts. It is not safe to drink the water elsewhere on the water and bottled water is usually consumed.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are provided as complimentary in each of the showers on the property.

The peak season in the Bahamas are during the holidays, between November and New Years, and it is quite from then up until June. The wet season begins in July but a lot of hotels and restaurants close from September to early November for hurricane season.


Map showing flights from Atlanta, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Nassau to Eleuthera